Bulk Removal

Ready to Discover a Better Bulk Trash Removal Service in Clinton, MD?

We go well beyond weekly trash removal at JAMM Services. We know that many property management companies and businesses often face the need for bulk trash removal as well, so we offer a comprehensive trash removal service to remove trash loads of every size. When you have an eviction, mass renovation, or simply a buildup of furniture or other large trash items, you might be assessed a fee by your community trash service – if they are able to pick up the items at all. Larger items might necessitate a trip to the county dump. At JAMM Services, we can take care of that hassle for you.

Bulk trash removal service for apartment communities and commercial buildings throughout Bowie, Brandywine, Waldorf, Clinton, Washington DC, and many other areas can be expedited with a simple phone call.

JAMM Services has the expertise to quickly and thoroughly remove large items, excessive junk, and bulky or cumbersome items such as furniture and old mattresses. Heavier items, such as outdated appliances, will be recycled for you.

If you have any questions regarding our bulk trash removal service or if you are ready to schedule a service, please contact us today!